Third party may finance Spaceport Camden – WTLV-WJXX

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Voters may have rejected Spaceport Camden in a referendum vote last week, but that doesn’t mean the project is dead. 

According to a spokesperson for Spaceport Camden, a third party is interested in setting up a fund to finance the project at no cost to taxpayers.

Also, last week, the Georgia Supreme Court said it wouldn’t halt the certification of that vote. Camden County Commissioners had filed an emergency appeal asking a judge to block the certification until another court decided if the election was legal in the first place. 

The project has already cost the county more than $10 million. The spokesperson said there’s a lot of interest from the private sector in Spaceport Camden. 

Supporters of the project say it would create jobs and be good for the area. Opponents say the county has spent too much money on it, and cleaning decades of pollution from the proposed site will cost even more. 

The spokesperson for the project said they plan to make a full announcement next week regarding this latest chapter for the project. 

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