Requirements to participate in the Immigrant Investor Venture capital Program

To qualify, you should have a tremendous $10 million total assets. You can’t acquire abundance. You should have your own business sharpness and, if conceivable, your own endeavors. You should likewise submit $2 million to an endeavor reserve supported for possibly 15-years. Base schooling or post-auxiliary instruction of one year is required. Either French or English capability is required.

What number of individuals are qualified? The public authority makes it more convoluted by tolerating 500 applications and just permitting 60 to be chosen inside a brief time frame. My conviction is that the cutoff time will be among January and February. This is certifiably not a genuine program. It is extremely disillusioning. It’s improbable that anybody will be qualified for this.

This isn’t the correct way for Canada to draw in financial backers and speculation. It’s something else altogether, this limit. Maybe the public authority will understand that they will not have a lot of interest once they acknowledge the present situation and make a more sensible program.

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