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A Morehead State professor invests in a new club.

The Morehead State Finance Club entered its second semester after it became an official student organization in the fall of 2021, and its focus is to analyze and invest in stocks with the club’s funds.

“I think there is a real hunger out there for students who want to learn more about investing, and they have a vague idea what it is but they don’t really know the specifics or how to get started,” said Chris Schroeder, an MSU mathematics professor.

Schroeder started the organization to bring students interested in investing into stocks together and share their knowledge and ideas with one another.

“Investing has always been something I’ve been interested in since I was about their age in college,” said Schroeder.

Schroeder said that this was one of the driving factors that had him wanting to make this club into reality.

“We look at different aspects of finance and investing, and I try to go over different concepts of investing that they may be interested in,” said Schroeder.

The club provides a great opportunity for students to come together and learn about different types of investing as well as what to look for when investing into a company to make educated decisions before they invest.

“We try and look at individual companies and get them to recommend companies, and then we will decide as a group if we want to invest into that company,” said Schroeder.

By using the club’s money to invest in the agreed-upon companies it removes some of the stress and worries students may have about investing with their own money, so that they can get the experience and knowledge from investing without the risk.

“We are inviting any student at Morehead State to join, regardless of major,” said Schroeder. “We meet once or twice a week at 3:30, so we have some time when the market is open.”

If students are interested in joining the finance club, they can scan the QR code in the student lounge in Lappin 106 or contact Schroeder by visiting his office in Lappin 105 or emailing him at

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