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(KGTV) SAN MARCOS — SAN MARCOS, Calif. (KGTV) – When the bell rings for Ms. Razi’s class to start at San Marcos High School, budgeting taxes and the reason behind inflation are just some of the topics she’ll cover.

Personal finance isn’t your typical elective course for high school students, but it’s a subject Ms. Razi thinks is crucial for teens.

“They know prices are going up but they don’t understand why. They know minimum wage has gone up but don’t know what that will do for the cost of goods,” Ms. Razi explained.

The new course was rolled out this year with an original roster of 40 students. After high demand, there are now six classed offered a day with over 200 teens enrolled.

Some of the students in Ms. Razi’s class said the course has given them a whole new respective on their hard-earned cash.

“Every time i get a paycheck, I’ll put certain money in my savings, certain money in my college fund,” said senior Ellie Costas.

So far, the students have learned how to fill out a W-2, had lectures about stocks, and completed assignments that included one where they have to budget the cost of living in San Diego.

“They had to do a comparison and see how much they needed to make in order to maintain the standard of living. Then, they had to explain why they thought the amount they thought they had to make was higher or lower,” said Ms. Razi.

Ms. Razi also incorporates her own experience into lectures after being on her own at 18 and remaining debt-free.

“They know every month you pay off you pay your credit card, you don’t pay that interest. And, if you don’t have the money, you don’t make that purchase,” Ms. Razi said.

The popularity of the course also gained attention off campus. Ms. Razi has recently been in touch with a a state Assemblymember trying to pass legislation for funding that would provide finance classes, similar to hers, for all high schools across California.

“I think we underestimate the impact that financial decisions made in society, and how students see it day to day but don’t know what to do with it,” Ms. Razi said.

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