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As India’s largest carmaker, Maruti Suzuki has always kept the end-user at the core of innovation. A market leader over the decades, it has launched some of the most ergonomically designed, fuel-efficient cars that don’t just provide maximum mileage but also the best of safety features. After revving up the Indian automotive sector and enhancing the everyday experience of driving a car, it further redefined the process of car-buying with the launch of Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance.

Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance platform redefined the way India purchased cars. As an end-to-end online car financing solution, it detangles the usual hassles that accompany the process of car-buying through an easy-to-use online platform for customers for all their auto finance related needs. From finding the right finance partner, choosing the best loan option, completing related formalities, and disbursal of loans online, the platform has redefined the modern car buying experience.

Now, Maruti Suzuki has gone a step further and has launched the
“Finance your car from anywhere” integrated campaign which will further amplify the category-first offerings of Smart Finance platform. As an AI-driven, completely online end-to-end financing platform, the Smart Finance is so convenient and easy that it will help customers break free from the conventions, allowing them to finance their Maruti Suzuki vehicles from anywhere. Thus, owning a Maruti Suzuki car becomes transparent and seamless with this Innovative finance marketplace.

Speaking on the campaign, Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Director (Marketing & Sales), Maruti Suzuki India Limited, said,
“Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance since its launch disrupted the market with an evolved digital solution that empowered customers to avail financing easily and conveniently. We identified that there are three major customer pain points in the car finance process lack of proper information, lack of transparency and lack of convenience. Customers can now finance their Maruti Suzuki vehicles from anywhere. Through our campaign, we want to educate our customers about the transparency, ease and superior convenience of using the Smart Finance platform.”

Let’s take a look at how the Maruti-Suzuki Smart Finance platform is changing the way India avails auto finance.

Zero hassles with an extremely convenient, online car finance offering

Maruti Suzuki is one of the biggest Original Equipment Manufacturers in the country, and with Smart Finance, it brings to customers the most innovative car finance solution from a legacy Indian automaker. With Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance, a customer looking to finance their Maruti Suzuki car simply has to verify their details online by choosing their car and the Maruti Suzuki dealership near them, comparing the loan offers and selecting the one that best suits them, and uploading their digital documents after which the financier verifies and sanctions the loan online. This certainly cuts out all the hassles that an offline financing model entails, while also providing the personalized touch that comes while physically availing car finance.

360-degree finance solution

As a facilitator between the customer and the financier, Smart Finance also provides a real-time experience while availing of car financing. For this, it ensures that the customer has a wide range of choices on loan offers based on their needs, giving them the choice of selecting a suitable down payment and loan tenure. Further, the platform also offers customized EMI deals based on their preferences, with all the car loan offers being applicable on the entire Maruti Suzuki line-up. Maruti Suzuki also ensures that this financing model is transparent and provides real-time status updates for users to check the status of the loan online and track each stage of the process digitally. Further, it also provides complete transparency on associated charges.

Seamless customization

Auto financing is not a one-size-fits-all formula and Maruti Suzuki understands it better than anyone else. This is why it provides customers with the option to personalize almost every aspect of the financing process. Whether it is choosing a bank, customizing loan details, adjusting the loan tenure and applicable interest, selecting a preferred down-payment amount, or calculating EMI that they have to pay, the platform hand-holds the customer throughout the process.

Multiple financier options

Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance is associated with a number of financiers from which Maruti Suzuki customers can choose, based on their profiles. You can opt for low down payments, customized loans, and low-interest rates with schemes that have been curated exclusively for Maruti Suzuki customers. Under these schemes, you can not only avail of several car loan offers but also get online car loan approvals on all Maruti Suzuki cars and across the entire network of Maruti Suzuki dealerships.

For this, Maruti Suzuki has on-boarded 16 financiers including State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, Mahindra Finance, Indusind Bank, ICICI Bank, Cholamandalam Finance, Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda, Kotak Mahindra Prime, Sundaram Finance, AU Small Finance Bank, YES Bank, HDB Financial Services, Toyota Financial Services (India), Federal Bank and Karur Vysya Bank. All of these banks provide competitive interest rates so that the customer gets the best deal.

Wide range of customer profiles

In order to provide an inclusive financing platform for everyone, the Smart Finance platform covers a wide range of customer profiles to meet the demands of a diverse range of customers across India. It is available for ARENA and NEXA customers and caters to all profiles of customers- salaried, self-employed (with income proof) and self-employed (without income proof).

Ever since its launch, Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance has disbursed over Rs 15,000 crores worth of loans to over 2.6 lakh customers and now with the Finance From Anywhere campaign, Maruti Suzuki aims to further redefine the modern car buying experience.

you are looking for an integrated online car buying journey, it’s time you opt for Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance. Right from selecting a financier to finding a customized loan based on your needs, your journey is covered with India’s largest car-maker.

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