Finance Deptt accords sanction to authorisation of 100% Revenue, Capex budget – Greater Kashmir

All the government transactions will be made through electronic mode without involving any cash transactions in the Government offices or other offices which are directly or indirectly controlled by the Government, excepting for few small denominations.

The advance drawal of funds in respect of Grant-in-Aid to Autonomous Bodies or PSUs or Boards etc. will be simultaneously processed with the fund release proposals by the Departments containing the details of available bank balances, status of holding BODs meeting, status of updation of annual accounts and status of previous UCs. The ban on engagement of casual workers, need based workers, daily wagers etc will continue to be in force.

April 1, 2021 order stipulates the conditions for utilization of funds under Capex budget. The conditions specify that all the Administrative Secretaries will furnish the Works Plan (project or activity wise) duly approved by the competent authority.

The Director Finance or Director Planning or Financial Advisor or CAO or Joint Director Planning of all Administrative Departments will be personally responsible for furnishing the authorization of Capex Budget.

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