Coronavirus tally: White House renews push for funds to finance continuing battle against COVID – MarketWatch

The White House renewed its push Monday for funds to finance the continuing battle against COVID-19, urging Congress to provide the $22.5 billion that President Joe Biden has said is needed to finance vaccines, boosters, tests and other therapies, the Associated Press reported. “Our concern right now is that we are going to run out of money to provide the types of vaccines, boosters, treatments to the immunocompromised, and others free of charge that will help to continue to battle” the pandemic, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday. The push comes about two weeks after a new round of COVID-19 funding was pulled out of a $1.5 trillion government-wide measure after rank-and-file Democrats rejected cuts that party leaders had negotiated with Republicans to pay for it. Though Biden signed the overall bill into law, the deletion of the COVID-19 funds was a major setback for Biden and Democrats. It also comes as experts caution that the pandemic is not yet over, even though many countries have scrapped restrictions and public safety measures.
The U.S. COVID numbers continue to decline and the nation is now averaging 29,612 new cases a day, according to a New York Times tracker, down 29% from two weeks ago. The average daily number of hospitalizations stands at 21,679, down 41% from two weeks ago. Deaths are averaging 1,056 a day, down 28% from two weeks ago, but still an undesirably high number. Globally, there have been 472.2 million confirmed cases, according to data aggregated by Johns Hopkins University, and 6.09 million deaths. The U.S. leads the world with 79.8 million cases and 972,634 fatalities.

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