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Finance can seem daunting, with all the confusing terminology and frustrating processes. Many charities, particularly smaller charities, avoid the complexities of finance, instead treating organisational finances like personal finances. That can create problems in terms of efficiency, transparency, reporting, accountability, and so much more. That’s why we want to give you a simple introduction to finance, covering budgeting, futureproofing, sustainability, and so much more. 


Each workshop offers insight into key elements of charity finance. The first will examine budgeting, looking at how charities can keep finances under control, avoid poor decision-making, and promote long-term viability. The second will cover sustainability, with insight into income diversification, cash flow governance, cost control, and much more. The third workshop will look at reporting, giving a step-by-step guide and looking at the various requirements that charities must fulfill along the way.  


Attendees can pick the workshop that most suits their needs, or they can attend all of them. Whatever best suits you. You can read below for a quick overview of each session and a more detailed breakdown will appear shortly in the tabs above. We look forward to seeing you.  


This course is sponsored by Sage Foundation. Sage Foundation is committed to knocking down barriers so that everyone can thrive. We give time, technology, expertise and investment to impact our communities.


Sage Foundation NPO Success helps non-profit leaders to manage their organisations, reduce inefficient processes and increase their understanding of financial management by providing discounted product subscriptions along with free tools, resources and training.


Who are these workshops for?


The workshops are for any charity professional interested in finances or looking to improve their financial skills. You don’t have to be working directly in the area to apply. However, if you have an understanding of charity finance basics, this will be useful. We are particularly encouraging charities with an annual income between £10-100K to apply. 


Workshops are open on an application basis for up to 20 people, please review the deadlines below to be sure not to miss out. Please note that should the workshops fill up before the deadline then we will close the applications early. 


We are also running this same workshop series in spring – see dates here.


Workshop 1: A practical guide to effective budgeting

6th September 10:00-12:30

Deadline for applications: 26th August

  • The basics, the benefits, and the importance of budgeting  
  • How to create an effective budget for the future 
  • The basics of cash flow forecasting and cashflow process
  • The need for long-term thinking and financial strategies  
  • Where to find useful resources    

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Workshop 2: Futureproofing and financial sustainability 

20th September 10:00-12:30

Deadline for applications: 9th September

  • The fundamentals of financial sustainability  
  • How to review income reliance  
  • How to practice cash flow governance, cost control, and income diversification  
  • The importance of financial strategy, culture, leadership, and infrastructure 
  • How to write a sound financial management policy 

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Workshop 3: How charities can master financial reporting 

4th October 10:00-12:30

Deadline for applications: 23rd September

  • The difference between statutory accounts and management accounts  
  •  Exactly what is needed for a useful financial statement  
  • How to report income and variances to budget and last year  
  • Understanding and reporting variables costs (cost of sales) and overheads  
  • How to generate a cashflow forecast, understand it and act on it

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